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Morozko Ice Bath Pain Relief

morozko ice bath

On a recent flight to Tampa I overheard two flight attendants talking about pain. One was saying how she recently went to the doctor about a consistent pain in her hip and he suggested she go on medication. She told him, “Oh, so you will put me on a medication which I’ll take every day for years but does not cure the pain, rather just masking it and then you will recommend surgery.” She was saying to the other "there has to be another way".

There is another way.

Morozko Ice Bath is another way.

"Have you heard of ice baths?", I asked then educated them both on the benefits of two minutes in a cold plunge and how consistently plunging three to four times a week for a total of 11 minutes in the water can change their life. "Where do you both live?", I asked; "Tampa!" they said. "Great! I’m on my way to St. Petersburg where I have a Morozko Forge ice bath. Can you come over and I will guide you through? In fact, why don’t you come over Saturday? You can plunge and stay for a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath", I responded.

Neither one of them seemed to be familiar with these events but they didn’t ask many questions. The one without the pain was intrigued and took my number. She said she would call. The one in pain said she would join as well, but was more skeptical.

I have invited strangers like this before to my events and rarely do they come. Jumping into the unknown is not easy for everyone. Their mind goes to, "Who the hell is this woman? Is this a cult? What if I get there and it sucks? It can’t be worth my time if she is just inviting anyone? What is a sound bath anyway?".

One day later I received this text:

Thursday, 12:46pm

"Hi Elise, This is the Frontier flight attendant, it was nice meeting and speaking with you yesterday during our flight! I’m not sure yet if the other girl will attend your event Saturday but I would like to experience the event with my mom. I think she needs it and would love the experience. She’s been having a lot of issues with her back and legs and she’s a former Body Builder from years ago!".

My smile was so huge reading this! She was stepping into the unknown. She was listening to her intuition. You "know and you go" as Dr. Sue Morter says. She did not need to know why she was doing this. She did not ask questions. She just knew she had to go.

Saturday 11:43am:

"Good morning Elise, my mom and I will be there around 2pm or a little earlier to avoid traffic, since we’re traveling almost 2hrs away!"

Saturday 9:08pm:


The next day I asked how they were feeling, and this was her response:

"Good morning, AMAZING! I can say my body feels amazing. Definitely different in a VERY positive way! Mom said she HASN’T felt this way in a LONG time she said something happened to her BODY. She didn’t have ANY racing thoughts as she slept and she’s going to light her incense and drink a cup of chai tea on her living room floor today!!! Totally a shift in her depression this morning I can say that myself."

Tapping into your intuition is crucial to change. That is why I have a morning meditation practice so I can strengthen that muscle, so I can have a relationship with myself, so I can trust myself and know what my next right move is. You have to trust in the unknown to change. You are not going to know the outcome all the time. You know and you go.

If you are wondering what happened to the other flight attendant that started the conversation on the flight, she reached out that Sunday after the event.

Sunday, 8:36pm

"Hi Elise, it’s one of the ladies from the Frontier flight. So sad I didn’t make it with my friend but she told me how amazing it was and I wanted to make sure I reach out to you so I can know when you’re doing it again. I HAVE to experience it. Hope you’re having a lovely start to your week."

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