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Introducing Circle Group

Updated: Jun 19

Are you stuck? Not fitting into your old ‘normal’ any longer? Your profession lacking purpose? Do you feel something shifting, changing but don’t know what?

circle group therapy

Join Elise Free Presents' Circle Group

Elise Free Present's circle group is a place to learn, grow, and navigate the stages of personal growth and optimization of this thing we call life.

When I started living a more conscious life I was feeling overwhelmed with information and oddly alone navigating through all the different modalities. I knew there were things out there to help me become more present, get in touch with my intuition and live a more whole life but at times I was staying in the books and classes, busying myself with going to events and experiences  and not able to cultivate it into my life on a daily basis on my own. I was learning but not applying. It would take me 3 hours to do all the things I thought I was supposed to do for a morning routine to live consciously.  Not able to keep this up  I would end up feeling embattled and had no one to talk to who was on this new journey with me who seemed to struggle like me.

Everyone I met was a healer or had been on this journey for decades. Was I the only one late to the party? Was there any room for me, a normal professional person who wants to learn how to tap into her intuition? How to feel the energy in her body? How to regulate my nervous system? How to get more out of life?

I wanted a community of regular everyday people who were starting their spiritual path to wholeness, self-love and higher consciousness living. A community where we could learn and grow and support each other.

A community where I felt supported on my journey and I could find new friends interested in these same experiences like a sound bath or breath work ceremony.

A place where others were new to all this stuff as well. Join us. And… Welcome to my Circle Group!

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