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biohacking for weight loss

A curated collection of the products, books, podcasts, and other resources that have profoundly impacted my journey. Each item here has played a significant role in my transformation, helping me enhance my sleep, optimize light exposure, boost brain function, improve hydration, refine testing methods, and elevate my nutrition, breathing, and movement practices. These are not just recommendations but essential tools that I personally use and love. 


Elise Recommends-02_edited.png
  • Morozko Forge

  • TheraFrost

  • Winter Swimming by Dr Suanna Soberg

  • Natural Action Technologies

  • Lumivitae Hydrogen Water

  • Upgraded Formulas

  • Hydrate podcast with Tracey Duhs

  • The Secret Intelligence of Water: Macroscopic Evidence of Water Responding to Human Consciousness by Veda Austin


Elise Recommends-08_edited.png
  • VivaRays

  • Neurocare Pro - red light therapy

  • Thera Tri-Lite

  • First light

  • D Minder app

  • FlexBEAM

  • Kloud

  • Your Spark is Light: The Quantum Mechanics of Human Creation by Courtney Hunt, MD


Elise Recommends-04_edited.png
  • Sleep Mask

  • TheraComfort

  • Kloud

  • Sensate

  • Oura ring

  • The Sleep is a Skill Podcast with Mollie Eastman

  • Upgraded Formula - 8hr Sleep

  • Eight Sleep


Elise Recommends-09_edited.png
  • Dr Daniel Amen - Amen Clinics

  • Wizard Sciences

  • Jim Kwik

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

  • Brain Tap

  • Neurovizr

  • Kloud

  • Bioharmonic Technologies VIBE 3.1


Elise Recommends-07_edited.png
  • TheraAir

  • Jaspr Pro Air Purifier

  • Got Mold?

  • Vibrant Blue Oils

  • LiveO2

  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

  • Take A Deep Breath Podcast

  • The Breathwork Channel with Samantha Skelly


Elise Recommends-09_edited.png
  • Human Garage


  • BOA Max 2

  • TheraSole

  • Lift Heavy Weights

  • Fast Like a Girl by Dr Mindy Pelz

  • Dr Courtney Hunt

  • The Resetter Podcast 


Elise Recommends-05_edited.png
  • LVLupHealth

  • Qualia

  • Wizard Sciences

  • Upgraded Formulas

  • Genetic Protocol

  • StemRegen

  • Baja Gold Mineral Salt

  • Saltt


Elise Recommends-03_edited.png
  • Genetic Methylation Test

  • Vitract

  • Biological Age testing

  • Lumen

  • Oura Ring

  • Keto Mojo

  • Dexa Scan

  • Blood Work

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