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Elise Free Presents
Transformative Experience

This three day transformative retreat experience is designed to accelerate your personal growth. Become familiar with the magnificence of who you really are and develop a deeper sense of self; leaving with a more fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life. The retreat is located at a private Snell Isle Residence in the beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.

women's wellness retreat florida


women's wellness retreat florida
women's wellness retreat florida
women's wellness retreat florida
women's wellness retreat florida
Your Nervous System Controls Everything.

During the course of your lifetime traumas, thoughts and toxins have stressed out your nervous system. Some of these stresses you are aware of and some you have lived with for so long you are not even aware of how much they affect you.

women's wellness retreat florida

Does it ever end? The problem is an energetic flow issue. You need to move the energy and transmute it back into wholeness, love, and joy. But how? You are information overloaded and wisdom deprived.

women's wellness retreat florida



Quantum Neuro Energetics

Dr. Carly Letzt uses Quantum Neuro Energetics to balance energy. The body reveals tremendous wisdom as it reveals what is awake and what isn't. The mind is busy writing the story of why we are who we are. We must redirect the mind to the body. Energetic flow releases painful physical and emotional patterns in both the body and the spirit.

Book a discovery call with Elise to register for this exclusive, bespoke retreat.

What to Expect

During the weekend we will combine energy medicine with modern biohacking technology in order to connect you to your body in a new way. Drs Mark and Carly have extensive experience with this technical mastery and energetic connection. The path towards wholeness is 100% obtainable when facilitated by such gifted and loving doctors.

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Dr. Mark Carney & Dr. Carly Letzt, DC

Dr. Mark Carney

Also known as The Biohack Doc and he helps every-day people to become Superhuman. As a pioneer and an innovator in human optimization, Dr. Carney believes we can hack our own biology to 10x the energy we need to get the biggest performance improvements in every aspect of our life: to sleep better, think better, feel better, and live better. This results in every-day people who find that they do not have enough energy for family, work, and achieving their own personal goals, to transform into living their very best life.


What’s his secret? All roads lead to the mitochondria. The mitochondria are not only the powerhouses of our cells, they are also the portals into the Quantum…

Dr. Carly Letzt, DC

Classically trained as a chiropractor. Dr. Carly also has taught and mentored hundreds of chiropractors and chiropractic students the leading energetically-based chiropractic system, Network Spinal and was part of the international teaching and retreat doctor-team for Network Spinal. Dr. Carly was the first chiropractor to bring Network Spinal to South America in 1997. She developed one of the largest Network Spinal practices in the world, until she had many profound quantum and mystical experiences which guided her to weave all that she knows into a quantum energy system called Quantum Neuro Energetics (QNE). The QNE community is growing and the coursework is both virtual and in-person. Dr. Carly offers deep healing immersive retreats using tools like QNE and EBB & FLO: Beyond Breathwork.

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