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Embark on a Soul Journey

Merging Spiritual Transformation with Ancient Wisdom & Culture in the Heart of Guatemala at Casa Floresta near Lake Atitlan. Join us for a transformative six-night, seven-day retreat from March 21st to 27th, hosted at the enchanting Casa Floresta nestled on the shores of the mystical Lake Atitlan. Immerse yourself in a sacred experience featuring:


  • Authentic Mayan Fire Ceremony

  • Soul-Inspiring Sacred Cacao Ceremony, 

  • Potent Full Moon Ceremony.

  • Adventure to the Holy Wow Cacao Farm

  • Swim and Enjoy the Magic of the Lake at a Natural Reserve

  • Explore the vibrant Town of San Marcos and San Juan

  • Rejuvenate with Cold Plunge and Elemental Experiences 

  • Enjoy Healthy Exquisite meals and Tranquil Settings

guatemala retreat
guatemala retreat
guatemala retreat
guatemala retreat


guatemala retreat
Your Journey Awaits You

This small-group experience offers an all-inclusive package (excluding airline flights) at a total price of $3,700.


Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening in the heart of Guatemala's rich cultural tapestry.

"Travel far enough, you may meet yourself."


guatemala retreat
Stacey Nelson

Captivated by holistic health and yoga teachings in her youth, Stacey has dedicated her life to sharing transformative practices globally. With over 11 years of experience guiding diverse individuals through classes, workshops, retreats, and mentorship programs, she passionately inspires people to connect with their Wholeness, fostering profound balance in mind, body, and soul. Stacey's deep love for meditation, embodiment practices, eastern philosophy, and holistic wellness serves as a bridge to support individuals on their evolution and journey towards inner harmony, health, and vitality.

guatemala retreat
Elise Free

Elise Free creates bespoke experiences incorporating modern biohacking technology with ancient energy modalities. Her retreats take place in architecture masterpiece homes around the nation. She also creates these experiences in locations around the world allowing your travel tour to become more than just a vacation. Raising consciousness and life quality of seekers and entrepreneurs. Elise is a Certified Facilitator for the Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter, A Miracle Minded Coach taught by Marianne Williamson and a Certified Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide, The Morozko Method.

guatemala retreat
Cesar Lara

With 35 years as a doctor, Cesar evolved his practice from a western model to a preventative and functional model where nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset are the drivers. Certified in Obesity & Age Management, Cesar has been able to help thousands of patients regain control over their health. During the last decade, Cesar has traveled across Central & South America to learn from the indigenous cultures and Shamans, becoming a Certified practitioner of Shamanic energy medicine. Now, he blends evidence-base medicine with Shamanic wisdom offering insight into of the root causes of illnesses.


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February 10 - 17, 2025


Feb 28 - March 12, 2025


March 21 -29, 2025


October 2025


Discover more about each exciting trip and book a discovery call with Elise. Click the button below to connect with Elise’s calendar.

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